Barking Gecko Theatre

Reimagining Barking Gecko TheatreWe worked with the Barking Gecko team to reimagine the heart and soul of their brand: uncovering its secret weapon with audiences of all ages. We discovered everything came back to the concept of Let’s Play.

Play helps us to connect with others. Play creates openness. Play ignites imagination. Let’s Play is a feeling that unites us all.

With a clear vision and brand personality, the signature Barking Gecko logo was overhauled to bring back elements of the original gecko from the theatre company’s original logo many years earlier.

The logo was designed to contain a hint of a barking gecko highlighted by a moon or theatre spotlight, giving us a new perspective on this unique animal.

“Although small, the Barking Gecko has a loud voice. It can run up a wall or over a ceiling and look at things from a totally new perspective.”

A new website was developed with a clean, simple visual design and user experience, plus striking homepage animation. The website enables a smooth booking process for shows, the Ensemble program for kids, and school holiday workshops.

The website remains an integral platform to support Barking Gecko’s sponsorship and social investment initiatives; highlighting the importance of creative arts in children’s education and everyday life.

With a soft launch to a select group of supporters at the WA State Theatre, the new brand has already delivered results exceeding expectations and captured the imagination of everyone linked to Barking Gecko. Site users increased by more than 40% in the first month and page views increased by nearly 200%, while providing much more information to partners, supporters and educators.


Barking Gecko Theatre


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