Top five things to reveal to your brand strategist

Brands need to constantly evolve. Change is a necessary part of life as we adjust to new market conditions, political environments and societal expectations.

However, if your visual brand lags behind your business needs, it’s probably time to do some soul searching and look at developing a strategy to move your brand forward.

Brand strategy is a science and an art. It combines data and analysis with an intuition about how a business needs to look to cement its position in the market. A good brand makes a business attractive.

Seeking specialist advice is advised. And if you decide to do this, being totally transparent is important. Brand strategy is more than just refreshing the visuals. It’s about planning for the future, mapping out opportunities and risks and creating a branding solution that has flexibility to accommodate any scenario.

These are the top five things you need to share with your brand strategist.
1. Be prepared to share the business strategy. Without an understanding of your organisation’s goals, a brand strategist simply can’t create a solution that will meet your needs. If this includes work on vision and purpose then this is critical to share in advance.

2. Give the strategist access to your stakeholders. Research is a critical part of really understanding your brand and what it stands for. Talking with employees, directors, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders will help you build a strategy that really resonates.

3. Share industry risks and challenges that could affect the operations and the brand. This includes market conditions, policy decisions and competitor changes.

4. Don’t be afraid to share your financial analysis – particularly if you have distinct products, markets or sub-brands that feed into a parent brand. Understanding how these brands work together or against each other will help to build a picture for a brand strategist.

5. Consider your budget and the appetite for changing a brand. It’s not as simple as changing a logo. The implications will be far reaching and can be costly, so before you embark on brand strategy, make sure you have budgeted for the ongoing implementation and roll out.

Applying a brand strategy lens to your business is critical, but knowing how to make the most of the process will ensure that your money is well spent.

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Daniel Carroll

Daniel is a founding Director of Clarity and has been the driving force behind the success of Clarity’s creative team. In his career he has been instrumental in the design of hundreds of visual identities and his work can be seen on a huge range of platforms – from high profile annual reports to diesel trains.